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The pet photography blog is where you can find images from all of Outside The Lines photo sessions, and see what we are up to.

Before and After - How Your Final Pet Portraits Will Look

We want to show you some of the editing we have done, and these examples are some of our favorites.  Wait until you see the before and after images!  If you are impatient you can scroll down now, but if you have time we would like to talk about editing your images.  We want to discuss some of the things we do, and some of the things we can't do. 

If we were to describe our editing style it would be clean editing that creates slightly warm and vibrant photos with a bit of contrast.  People have said our photos look so colorful and really pop. Our pet photographer loves when a photo "pops" but doesn't want to go so far as to make the images unrealistic.  When editing the photos, saturation will be increased a bit, the greens of the grass and blues of the sky will be adjusted, and all leashes will be removed.  The overall brightness of the image will also be adjusted.  This is done for all portraits that are purchased.   

However, there is always a limit to how much editing can be done.  Unfortunately it is not always possible to bring a grey sky to blue, remove certain things from a photo, or make all photos pop.  Some things are dependent on the lighting outside and the weather.  Though keep in mind we can do quite a bit. Below we have some examples and we talk about what we did with each image.

#1. This is one of our favorite edits because of the various things we did to change it while still maintaining the essence of the original photograph.  The cool thing about this image is it was totally spontanious and we were just heading to another location when we stopped to take it.  For Wyatt's image we brought down the highlights in the sky in order to bring some of the blue back.  We adjusted the color temperature of the overall picture to make it a bit more natural, then we edited Heather and the leashes out.  After that we rotated the image and cropped it closer to remove the neighbors houses.

Here is Wyatt's original pet portrait before any editing was done.

After doing various edits we would say this pet's photograph looks much better!

#2. For this second photograph we had to get up before sunrise and use off camera flash to light the dogs.  This is not a photoshopped background, we were really in front of the US Capitol Building in DC.  The overall image was brightened and the color was adjusted to make the sunrise really pop.  The bundle of tangled leash was removed and the image was straightened.  Some of the construction lights were still out so we placed Kastner the golden retriever in front of the light and then reduced the glow around him as much as we could.  Brennan the black lab was brightened individually.  Signs in front of the capitol building lawn were removed along with some of the lights shining through the trees. 

We deliberately captured these pet images darker in order to keep a higher shutter speed and low iso. This was done knowing we could edit the image after.

After brightening the images the dogs look great sitting in front of the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

#3. This last portrait is one that had small overall adjustments made.  For Chief the Sheltie we removed his leash and the dog tags while leaving the outline of his collar.  The green color cast was removed from his chest and the overall color of the image was adjusted.  A touch of warmth was added and the image was cropped in closer.  

The image came out of the camera looking great, but we did need to remove some objects and perform some cropping.

With a few minor adjustments this dog's photograph looks great. You should see the metal print we had made of this image!

With a few minor adjustments this dog's photograph looks great. You should see the metal print we had made of this image!

Some images take only a few minutes to edit and others can take up to three hours for a single image.  Most images take about 20-30 minutes each.  After you have purchased your favorite photographs our photography editor will meticulously adjust all the little details to try and get your pet's portrait just right.  Sometimes going back and forth on a single edit trying to tweak the overall color of the image, remove the leash perfectly, or remove stray pieces of hair or dirt from your dogs fur.  It is a long process but so worth it when you see your final print.  If there is anything you notice before you order just let John know and he will be able to tell you if it can be fixed.  We guarantee you will love your images, and a lot of care goes into making them just right!