Pet Photography Blog

The pet photography blog is where you can find images from all of Outside The Lines photo sessions, and see what we are up to.

The Best Days and Times for Pet Photos

This Sheltie image was actually created on a hike in Maine.  It was about 1-2 hours before sunset and you can see how even the lighting is.

The Best Time - Sunrise or Sunset

We can capture photos of your dogs or cats at anytime.  However, to get the best images we photograph right at sunrise or 2 hours before sunset.  This is when the light is the most even and shadows are reduced.  Shadows are generally the strongest around midday, so unless we have shade to photograph in this may not be the best time.  Unless of course it is a cloudy day, then the time doesn't matter as much since the light is very even.  If we must photograph around midday, it should be in a location that has many shaded areas, including trees or stone buildings that can block some of the sun.  If we are photographing inside your home then it doesn't matter as much unless you were going for a particular look, such as your dog looking out the window with sunlight streaming through.

The Best Days - Depends on the Location

We end up doing quite a few sessions on Sundays since it is not generally a workday.  While Saturdays are often spent running errands, or with friends and family, Sundays are more relaxed and open.  Also, public areas are just a bit less busy compared to Saturdays.  So Sundays are usually a very good option.  We also can photograph on weekdays and on Saturdays, but the location will determine if that is the best decision.  A photography session in the park is often great on a weekday morning because very few people are there.  Weekends will be busier.  On the other hand weekends are still great for sunrise sessions since most people don't arrive until later in the day.  If the session is taking place at your home, then we only have to consider your schedule and have more options.

Figuring Out When To Have Your Photo Session 

We will work with you to figure out a day and time that works best with your schedule.  Once we discuss the type of images you are looking for we will discuss all the options.  It will depend on your availability, our current schedule, what you want for shots, and where the session is taking place.  That is why we have an initial consultation to plan all this out and make sure you have the best experience possible and get the best images.  Heather and I look forward to working with you and your pet!