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The pet photography blog is where you can find images from all of Outside The Lines photo sessions, and see what we are up to.

Courtney and Schroeder From The Cheeky Puppy

Schroeder is the brand ambassador and top dog for The Cheeky Puppy Shop in Dupont Circle.  On his instagram feed (@thecheekypuppy) he models and shows off all the wonderful items at the shop.  From hats and coats, to toys and artwork... he makes sure you can see it all.  Once in a while you can even catch him stealing a treat from right under everyone's nose.  The best part is if you follow long enough you get a look into his personality, and quite often he can be found making humorous statements on instagram.  

Courtney is the owner of The Cheeky Puppy and is wonderfully caring and helpful.  She warmly greets everyone who comes into the shop and knows all her regular customers on a personal level.  The events she hosts at the shop are so much fun and always such a hit.  She has events with snacks and sangria, wine and hors d'oeuvres, Halloween costume contests, and of course annual pet photography events which we are a part of.  Proceeds from events often help local animal welfare organizations, so if you get a chance you should definitely attend one.

We gifted Courtney a session for her and Schroeder since she has done so much to support us.  Their session was held in Montrose Park in Washington, DC.  This location had so much open space and gave Schroeder plenty of room to show off his modeling skills.  Even though it was a hot day he had so much energy and was always smiling.  Some of our favorite images are shown below.  

If you get the chance you should stop by The Cheeky Puppy which is located at 1709 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC.  You will love the unique items offered there including dog beds, coats, collars, toys, treats (amazing treats), artwork, and all kinds of other pet related items.  Also, if you ever get the chance you should come to one of our pet photography events there.  They book up quickly so sign up early!