Pet Photography Blog

The pet photography blog is where you can find images from all of Outside The Lines photo sessions, and see what we are up to.

What to Expect at Your Photography Session

To start the session we will meet you at the chosen location.  Sessions will last 1-3 hours, with the average session taking 2 hours.  The first 15 minutes or so will involve us letting your dog do whatever they wish to do while on a leash.  They will be on leash for the whole session and it will just be edited out of the photos you order.  Your dog may run around like crazy, or they may try to hide in a corner.  This is their time to get used to having us around, and their time to explore and get energy out.  After a bit of time, and a bit of interaction with your dog, the photography will begin.  The initial photography is generally very candid without trying to get the dog to pose much.  If your dog is very active action shots will be taken at this time.

After the dog has settled a bit Heather will begin to work with them to get more specific images.  Depending on their personality and training we will work on doing some common poses with them.  This can involve them sitting, lying down, standing in a particular location, or walking toward the camera.  Heather will use treats, attention, toys, and sounds to capture the best expressions and poses.  We will do this for a bit and if you would like, we will have you step in for a few images with your pet.  At different times Heather may be holding the leash or we may have you do it.  Sometimes Heather will be next to the photographer holding a treat, and other times she will be getting your dog to look the other way.  

After the initial candid shots and the posed shots, the session will take a more spontaneous turn.  The next set of photos may be candid, posed, action shots, or a combination.  We will decide what we would like to capture based on what we already have and move from there.  We may bring out some flash equipment, and try some more difficult photographic techniques.  It's hard to say what we will capture because every dog is different and you may want us to capture a specific image that you just thought of.

Once we feel we have enough images, we will pack up and schedule a time for your viewing and ordering appointment. The photos will be transferred to our computer and over the next 1-3 weeks your photos will have the basic editing done to them.  Then we will have the ordering appointment in your home so you can see your images and purchase anything you would like!  You can read more about that by clicking the link below.