Pet Photography Blog

The pet photography blog is where you can find images from all of Outside The Lines photo sessions, and see what we are up to.

Dog Photography - Specializing in Multiple Dogs

These four dogs were photographed in Rock Creek Park. They were all standing together with the help of a dog trainer and another assistant. Keep in mind the dogs did have leashes which we Photoshopped out of the image.

If you have multiple dogs we guarantee we can create dog portraits with all of them in it no matter their behavior. If we can't create the image then your reservation fee will be completely refunded.

One of our specialties is creating photographs with multiple dogs. Most of our clients have 1-2 dogs but we have done sessions with up to 5 dogs before. Sometimes the dogs do not even get along but we still manage to create the portrait. There are two main reasons that we always get the image:

1. At every session we have a dog trainer and a second assistant if needed

2. Our photographic editor is an expert in Photoshop

Most of the time your dogs will be photographed together. You just need to trust us and give us enough time to work with them. Your dogs may misbehave, they may sit for a second and then get up, or they may run around like a nutcase. We've seen it all before. Our trainer will work with your dogs to get a natural portrait of them together, it just takes time and patience. Below are images we captured where the dogs were really together.

It took a few tries but we eventually captured an image with all 4 of these dogs together. The dogs did have leashes on which we edited out, but other than that this image is 100% real.

Here is another image with two chihuahuas in front of the US Capitol building. Yes, the dogs were really there (this is not a backdrop).

What if You can’t photograph my dogs together?

If after about 10-15 minutes we are not able to get the portrait of all of them together then we will adjust what we are doing so we can create a composite. A composite will involve photographing all the dogs separately in the same location. Then we will pick the best pose for each dog and our photo editor will merge the image together in Photoshop. It's not always a quick process and sometimes can take a couple hours of editing, but the result is worth it! This creates a beautiful portrait where all the dogs are "together". If you look at the images below you can see examples of some of our composites.

These dogs were all photographed separately and then put into this Lincoln Memorial image. Scroll down to see what the “before” images looked like.

Also, if you recognize this image it is because We The Dogs DC contacted us to do the cover image for their book!

As you can see all the dogs were photographed separately on a leash

Here is one more composite we did using the same method as before (dogs on leashes)

If you would like a portrait of your dogs together we can create it for you. We always do a consultation at your home before scheduling the session. This way our dog photographer can meet you and your pets and talk about what we can do. The consultation does not cost anything so feel free to reach out and we'll get one set up. Email or call 240-334-7694. Also we’ve added a few more images of multiple dogs. See if you can tell which are real and which are composites.