Pet Photography Blog

The pet photography blog is where you can find images from all of Outside The Lines photo sessions, and see what we are up to.

Freki's Dramatic Sunset Portraits

With a bit of extra light from our flash we can create a stunning portrait of your pet as the sun is setting. For the image on the left we used a single flash to light Freki which allowed us to bring out more detail in the sky while still showing detail in the dog. Then with the proper post editing touches we enhanced the color and created the final art piece.

For something as dramatic and vibrant as this, a metal print is recommended. Metal prints will bring out the drama and color of this image much better than a canvas print will. The proper size for your metal print will depend on the space where you are displaying it. Some clients may only need a 16x20 but most clients will be better served with a 20x30 or even a 30x40. In order to determine the best size for the art we will come to your home to see your space and determine what will look best.

We don’t just do cute portraits we make art that you can not create yourself. With these photographs we know about lighting, posing, the weather, how to optimize the location, and the correct camera settings. On top of that the lens we choose will determine the perspective you see in the artwork. If you are looking for an expert in creating wall art that happens to be of your pet then we are here. If you are looking for a quick snapshot you may want to look for someone else.

This image was taken using our iphone right after the main photo was captured. It shows you what we really had to work with. As you can see we were able to optimize the location, the flash brought out detail in the dog, and then we were able to bring out detail in the sky. This image was captured in Bowie, Maryland.