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An Entire Morning in Washington, DC (includes chauffeur)

Iconic DC Images - Chauffeur Included

How would you like to come to Washington, DC and have your dog photographed in front of the iconic landmarks, buildings, and monuments.  How would you like to have a chauffeur driving you and your dog to all of these locations?  This is one of the services we offer. 

We have had a lot of interest in the photographs we take in front of the DC monuments and buildings.  More than once the question has come up for people booking sunrise sessions... 

"Can we do more than one monument?" 

The answer is "yes, we can likely do at least one other location and maybe two".  However, sometimes it is a mile between locations, and it can be tiring to do a photo session along with 2-3 miles of walking (especially if it is hot out).  So we created a new type of session to make it easier.

For our "Morning in DC" sessions we pick an initial location and do a stunning sunrise session there.  Then our chauffeur will come by in the SUV and pick everyone up to bring us to the next location.  After we are done at that location they pick us up and bring us to any additional locations.  This allows us to photograph 3-4 locations in DC without excessive walking.

A typical session may look like this:

We start at the US Capitol Building at sunrise, and create some vibrant images.  Then we pack up the lights and are driven to the Washington Monument for a while.  Our driver returns an hour later and the dogs jump into the car so we can head over to Lincoln Memorial. Once we are finished there we make the short trip over to the Jefferson Memorial for a half hour or so.  Instead of trying to walk 4-5 miles, our driver just takes us, making the day so much easier and more comfortable.  Once we are done, we get picked up and you are brought back to your car.

These sessions give you a variety of images that would look wonderful on the wall.  It would be the story of your pets day in DC.  If you are interested please contact us soon since we often book months in advance.  You can email or call 240-334-7694.  We look forward to creating wall art of your pets!