Pet Photography Blog

The pet photography blog is where you can find images from all of Outside The Lines photo sessions, and see what we are up to.

My Dog is Not The Best Behaved...

Before the photo session some clients tell us that their dog is not the best behaved, and don't think we will be able to get the best photographs.  Fortunately that doesn't happen because we always capture great portraits of your pets.  Sometimes it takes a bit more work and a bit more time but that is not a problem at all.  Most sessions last about 2 hours, but we take as long as needed to get the best photographs.

How We Work With Your Dog

Depending on your dog's personality we may decide to take them for a walk beforehand to help calm them down and get them used to having us around.  Then we will brush your pet to make sure they look great for their photos.  After that we let them do their thing.  This could involve them running around like crazy, sniffing everything, following you, or hiding around the corner.  We don't worry too much about getting the best photos in the beginning because we want your pet to be comfortable for their photos.  We will learn how your dog responds to certain situations and tailor our interactions to work best with their personality.  Some dogs may be shy and in that case we will give them space and use a long lens.  Others may be extremely hyper which means we will focus on action shots in the beginning.

Keep in mind we require that a leash be on all pets photographed in public spaces.  This leash is then photoshopped out after.  You can read more about that in this post.  After some time many dogs will calm down a bit, though some are never fully settled.  Our trainer, Heather Greer, will begin interacting more with your dog and getting them to do what looks best for the photos.  This could involve your dogs sitting, laying down, walking toward the camera, or playing with a toy or ball.  If they don't know sit or other commands, there is nothing to worry about since Heather will work with them based on what they can do.  We will use a combination of treats, attention, petting, toys, vocal commands, and gestures to work with your dog.  We will constantly assess what works for them and adapt as needed.

Our Experience

As a pet photographer and dog trainer we have worked with hundreds of dogs, and can easily read their body language.  Heather Greer is our main dog trainer and is certified through The Animal Behavior College.  John Gaylord is the lead photographer and has photographed hundreds of animals.  It takes a lot of knowledge, experience, and practice to get to the level we are at.  We have what it takes to capture the best photos of your trained or untrained dogs and we know you will love your images.  Contact us today to book a session.