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The pet photography blog is where you can find images from all of Outside The Lines photo sessions, and see what we are up to.

Oliver The Boston Terrier

Oliver is a Boston Terrier living in Washington, DC.  At the consultation his parents decided they wanted to do a sunrise photo session in front of the US Capitol Building.  The great thing about this location is that by just turning around we can get images of The Washington Monument as well.  For the images below we only moved 10ft to get two very different backgrounds.

Oliver the Boston Terrier in front of The US Capitol Building at Sunrise

By just turning around we can pose Oliver in front of the Washington Monument

There were some beautiful carvings in this water fountain which really brings this pet portrait to life.

Oliver's was so full of energy but also knew how to sit and stay when needed.  It made the photography session run very smoothly.  Making sounds and holding toys would always get a great head tilt with a curious expression.  Other times we would let him get his energy out by throwing a ball or letting him play with the toys we brought. 

One of our favorite images was visualized and created by Heather.  She looked across the street from our location and saw this beautiful water fountain that was not running at the time.  There were intricate carvings in the stone which created a perfect backdrop for Oliver’s portrait.  We brought him over and he posed perfectly.   We created the amazing photo you see on the left, which was actually printed and framed for a 40" portrait.

At the ordering appointment there were a ton of great images.  We designed a grouping of framed prints for the the wall.  John had everything printed and framed, then hand delivered and hung the wall art in Oliver's home.  

Here is what Oliver’s dad had to say about the experience:

“John is a consummate professional. From start to finish, he made the process easy and enjoyable. He was consistently responsive, flexible, patient, and very attentive to detail. And our Boston Terrier absolutely loved him! While the final cost was high, we are blown away by the results and know we'll love our gallery wall for many years to come. We strongly recommend John and his team and can't imagine there could be anyone close to comparable in this specialized field.”

Also, one other thing we want to mention is that for almost the entire session Oliver was on leash.  It was just photoshopped out of all the images.  Even if you look closely you cannot tell there was a leash.  So keep in mind we can capture your pet’s portraits anywhere even if your dog is on leash.


The final images printed and framed on the wall