Pet Photography Blog

The pet photography blog is where you can find images from all of Outside The Lines photo sessions, and see what we are up to.

Our Image Style

Josie had a great session in St. Michaels Maryland!

We have a very particular style of work. Our style is outdoor pet portraits using nature and monuments to create galleries of wall art. We photograph dogs and cats. Anyone who hires us based on our portfolio and the images in it will be very happy.

Unfortunately, clients who are gifted a session or who work with us without seeing our portfolio may be disappointed. This is not always the case, but it does happen.

If they have not seen our work then they have their own expectations. They may want family portraits, studio shots, abstract artistic images, in home sessions, or a lot of digitals for a low price. We do not offer any of those.

These clients try to get us to change our style and do things we don't offer which creates an uncomfortable situation for us and the client. In the end we prefer to work with clients who specifically selected us by looking at our website or by seeing our images on display. It's easier on both the clients and us. Then everyone ends up very happy!

P.S. We do offer digitals but would not consider them "low priced".

At the ordering appointment our photographer worked with the client to design an amazing wall gallery of canvas prints.