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The pet photography blog is where you can find images from all of Outside The Lines photo sessions, and see what we are up to.

Pet Photography at Wag-a-Tail Vacations

Wag-A-Tail Pet Photography 2

At Wag-a-Tail Vacations the dogs are taken care of at a kennel free farm.  They have so much room to run around and their own pool to swim in during the summer.  There are dog houses with heated floors, futons, and comfy chairs.  The dogs can run and play without being restricted by a small yard.  It is said that Wag-a-Tail Vacations is the premier pet-sitting organization in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. We would have to agree!

Some of our favorite dog photos were taken at this farm.  Today Heather and I revisited the farm to see the dogs and capture some pet photography.  When we arrived the dogs were so excited to see us, but we think they are excited to see anyone.  They were having so much fun running around, and at other times they just sat back and relaxed.  Check out some of the images we created today.

Wag-A-Tail - Maryland Dog Photographer
Wag-a-Tail Pet Photograph
Wag-a-Tail - Maryland Pet Photographer
Wag-a-Tail Pet Photography