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The pet photography blog is where you can find images from all of Outside The Lines photo sessions, and see what we are up to.

What to Consider for Your Dogs Photographs

Consultations and Showing You Sample Images

When we set up your consultation our pet photographer will come to your home to meet your dogs.  However, another reason we do the consultation is so we can talk about what you would like in your images.  There are many things to consider and you may not know exactly what you want just yet.  At your photography consultation we will show you some of our images so you can pick out what you like and what you don't like.  This will give you a better idea of what you want, and allow us to focus on the right shots at your session.  Below are some of the things you may consider for your images.

Your dogs personality

What do you want to really portray about your pet.  Are they social or reserved?  Is your dog hyper and playful or calm and collected?  Do they have a favorite toy that is always in their mouth?  Personality is one of the most important things in your pet's photograph.  We want to show what is special about your pet and create images showing who your pet really is and what they are really like.

Expressions / mouth open or closed

Going off of personality another thing we may consider is your pets expression.  If they are playful and happy all the time we will likely want to show them with their mouth open and a happy expression on their face.  However if they are protective we may want to do a closed mouth shot with them standing stoically while watching over everything.  We can capture shots with both the mouth open or closed, and we can get inquisitive head tilts as well.

Do you prefer posed or candid shots?

Some clients want a perfectly posed shot with their dog sitting perfectly in front of a significant location.  Other clients want candid shots of their dog playing or standing with a smile on their face.  We do a mix of posed and candid shots, but it does help to know which you prefer.  

Do you want your dog looking at the camera or away?

This is another consideration when we do pet photography.  You may prefer to have your dog looking at the camera with a smile, or looking away in a candid shot.    In order to help you find your preference we will show you both types of photos at the consultation (before your session) and you can decide what you like best.

Choose your location and background

When picking a location to photograph your dog in, we will consider how important the background is to you.  Some people have said they do not really care about the background and just want to focus on closer shots of their dogs.  Others have picked locations that are important to them so they want the location identifiable in their pet's pictures.  You may want a smooth blurred background which really brings the attention to your pet, or you may decide you want a slightly clearer background that is more significant.  It's up to you!  If there is a particular location you want, just let us know.  Keep in mind many public locations such as the ones in DC will require a photography permit.

Photographs Of You and your dog

One last thing to consider is if you want to be in the images with your dogs.  Generally 80% of the images will be of the dogs.  However, you do have the opportunity to be in a few of the photos.  Think about whether you want a posed shot looking at the camera, or a more candid shot of you and your dogs interacting, then just let us know.

If there is anything you really want to show in your pet's portraits be sure to tell us.  We are adaptable when needed, and these are your images.  We want to make sure you love them.  Click on the "contact us" button at the bottom of the page to schedule a session for your pet.