The Pet Photography Experience

When photographing your pets we offer an experience, including special services and treatment for your pet that no other photographers offer. 

The Pet Photography Experience

John and Heather specialize in providing beautiful prints, canvases and albums.  As a pet photographer they strive to offer you more than just a few photos, they offer a custom pet photography experience.  The experience starts as soon as you contact them for information and leads all the way to installing the customized wall art in your home.

The Experience

After you contact us we will often set up a time to have a brief phone call so John can learn about what you are looking for. This includes how you want the portraits to look and what types of wall art or albums you might be interested in.  Then we will schedule an in home consultation where we will meet you and your pet at your home.  This gives your pet a chance to meet us beforehand and allows us to interact with them.  At the consult you will be able to see our sample wall art and album and ask us any questions about our prints and the session.  We can talk about where you might like to hang your canvas or framed prints in your home and go over what might work best for your decor .  View our photographs in client's homes by clicking here.  We will discuss possible session locations and talk about the photos you feel are the most important to capture.  During this time we will continue to interact with your pets to make sure our personalities will be a great fit. 

The next time we meet will be the photography session. During the beginning of the session we will work with your dog or cat and just see how they respond.  We may start photographing right away or allow them some space.  We will test what your pet responds to best by giving them attention, treats, toys and making sounds.  There will be candid and posed shots created throughout the session using different areas and camera angles.  These sessions generally last 2 hours.   However sometimes they are only an hour and at other times they take 3 hours.  Sessions take place in your home, backyard, at the beach, park, or anywhere you would like.  In public locations we keep your dog on a leash and just edit it out of the photos after.  Your pets will love being the center of attention!

About 2 weeks after the photo session is the ordering appointment.  This is where we will meet at your home on a day and time that is convenient for you.  During this time we will show you all the beautiful photos that have been captured. Together we will select your favorite photos and choose which ones will go on canvas, metal prints, framed prints and albums.  On our laptop we can use images of your walls to show you what the art will look like in your home at the correct size.  At this session you will place your order. Don’t be surprised if you love all your images and want them all printed!  Once your artwork arrives we will hand deliver everything and hang it in your home for the final part of your experience.

Overall this process allows us to offer great service and we do everything for you.  This includes meeting you at your home, photographing, ordering, delivering, and hanging your heirloom artwork.  We discuss everything and we make sure you are completely happy and get exactly what you want. If this is something you want contact us as soon as possible.  Since each experience involves significant time with each person and pet, we have limited availability and often book at least 1-2 months in advance. Sometimes we can do a session sooner than that, just call or email us and we will let you know. (240) 334-7694 or