Marketing Images For "The Small Dogs of Alexandria"

Thank you for helping us to create marketing images for the small dogs of Alexandria book.  Here is some information on the process.

Marketing Images For
The Small Dogs of Alexandria


The Purpose of these images

Congratulations on being selected!  We can't wait to start working with you.  After you have read all the info please put in your name and check the boxes at the bottom of the page (required)

As you likely know we are looking for small dogs to photograph in Alexandria, Virginia.  These images will be used for marketing a book we hope to create called "The Small Dogs of Alexandria".  Your images may be printed on rack cards and in flyers, they may appear on our website or other web pages, and they may be used in social media posts or advertisements.  The purpose of these marketing images is to show our style and get clients to sign up to be in the book.  Information on the book is listed below.

The Book

The book is still in the planning stages but the initial plan is to charge a session fee for those who want to be in the book.  We will then donate a large portion of that session fee to local rescues.  The book will feature dogs in and around local iconic areas in Alexandria.  Clients featured in the book will have a chance to purchase additional images and a percentage of those sales will also be donated to the rescues.  In order to be in the book certain requirements will have to be met.

At our descretion we may decide to feature your dog in the book, but there is no guarantee.

What You Get

You are not required to pay anything since you are helping us to market.  As you are reading we will mention that you have the opportunity to purchase additional prints and images.  This is not a requirement, we just want to make sure you know all the options.

From your session you will be able to select your favorite image to be printed as (1) mounted 8x10.  Our photographer will come to your home to show you a variety of images to select from.  You may purchase additional images as mounted prints, canvas prints, framed prints, metal prints, and albums. Check out our prints by clicking here! 

Digitals are also available for purchase.  If you purchase wall art such as canvas or framed prints then we will schedule a time to deliver and hang your wall art in your home.  There is no charge for installing your artwork.  A pricing overview for our products is listed further down on this page. 

There is absolutely no obligation to purchase additional images, and if you are happy with the 8x10 then we are happy!  It's just a chance to experience everything our regular clients experience.

If you have particular images you would like us to capture we are glad to do that as well.   You may want images of you and your dog together, or a certain pose, expression, or trick your dog does.  You may have two dogs and want a portrait of them together.  Just let us know what you would like and we will set aside a bit of time to try and capture it.

Your session and print is valued at $400.  Normally we charge a $200 session fee and then your mounted 8x10 is worth $200.

General Pricing

If you would like additional images this should give you a feel for where our pricing falls:

Albums Start at $1,800

5 digital images - $900

16x20 Canvas - $600

Mounted 8x10 - $200


Feel free to request a free consultation where we will come to your home and meet you and your pet.  At the consultation we will bring sample prints and wall art to show you.  We will be able to go over where we can do your session, your dogs personality, and we can discuss particular images you may like.  If you are considering additional images we highly recommend this and can discuss where to hang your pets portraits in your home.




Scheduling is done in advance and we will always attempt to work around your schedule.  However if mutual dates and times are not found then the session will be canceled.  We anticipate this will not happen since we have some flexibility.  The sessions will be taking place mostly in March, but may go into April.  We have weekday and weekend availability.  Sessions will mostly take place in the morning and evening due to great quality of sunlight at those times.  Some mid-day  and early afternoon sessions may also be scheduled.


Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.  Our phone number is (240) 334-7694 and our email is 


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