Taking a Picture Of Your Wall

Here are instructions for taking a picture of your wall before your ordering appointment.  See how your pet photography will look at the correct size!

Taking A Picture Of Your Wall

At your ordering appointment we use a program to show you what your canvas gallery wraps, metal prints, and framed prints will look like on your wall at the correct size.  Using our computer we can try different sizes on your wall and you can choose what looks best.  Please take a picture of your walls and send it to us.  Here are the instructions:

1.       Tape an 8.5x11 inch piece of blank paper to the wall (so we know the size of the space).

2.       Face the wall head on (not at an angle) and point your phone/camera at the wall

3.       Step back and include as much of the room as possible - furniture, windows, and door frames should show in the picture.

Scroll down and see the images below for examples...


Excellent wall Pictures Shown Below - Do This!

CORRECT - Shows the furniture, picture taken straight on, paper taped to wall.

CORRECT - paper taped to the wall, head on shot, furniture visible.


Poor Example Pictures - Do Not Do This

INCORRECT - Furniture and window is not visible, no paper on wall

INCORRECT - Image taken at an angle, no paper taped to the wall

If there are pictures or art already on the wall do not worry we can remove that on our computer.  Please photograph as many walls and as many rooms as you want, the more we have to work with the more likely you will find the perfect image for any of your spaces.  The pictures should be sent at soon as you can so we can save them and set them up for your ordering appointment.  Once you have taken the pictures email them to us@otlpets.com.